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Welcome to Digital Phones

Have you ever been refused a phone contract deal because of your poor credit history? Thousands of mobile users across UK are experiencing the same struggle. Because providers consider you a high-risk customer, they are likely to reject your phone contract application. And this is where we come in. If you’re looking for a phone contract and you keep on getting rejections because of your less than perfect score, you came to the right place. At Digital Phones, our specialty centers on helping customers like you find a suitable and affordable ideal.

Who is Digital Phones?

Digital Phones is a name you can depend on if you’re looking for the best bad credit mobile phones available in the market. Dedicated to help anyone who is having trouble getting a phone contract, we exist to offer expert advice as well as a wide selection of phone contract deals well suited for mobile users with bad credit. Since we established this website, we are proud to share that we’ve helped innumerable customers get approved for a contract deal they can afford and they are happy about. If you’re ready to shop around for the best phone deals, head over to this site.

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What We Do?

To ensure that you’re always going to avail the best deal, Digital Phones partners with only the best suppliers and providers in the market. Working hand in hand with said partners, we are able to give you access to exciting handset choices as well as a wide range of bundle plans you can tailor to your needs perfectly. At Digital Phones, we also have a team of knowledgeable representatives ready and willing to help you with any concern when it comes to your bad credit mobile phone application.

When it comes to the best deals on your bad credit mobile phone contract, there’s no need to look further than Digital Phones. With years of experience in the market, we have proven time and again that you can count on us for fast processing, affordable monthly fees and more importantly, topnotch customer service every time. So long as you meet the basic requirements, you can get approved for a phone contract in a matter of hours. You can also depend on our team of specialists for expert advice and additional help. And in case you’re still interested to know more about phone contracts, USwitch has more valuable information, guidelines and tips for you.

What are the requirements?

To be eligible for a bad credit mobile phone, you only need to meet the basic requirements, which include you being of legal age and a UK resident. Your credit score wouldn’t matter so there’s nothing to worry about your history of default or even CCJs. You just need to provide proof of steady income and your application can be approved before you knew it. Additional requirements that may be required include proof of identification, proof of billing address and bank details for auto-debit payment arrangement.

Get Approved Fast

If you’re ready to apply for the best bad credit mobile phone deal, simply follow our three-step application process. First, complete our online form, which will take you seconds to complete. Second, choose a handset and bundle plan from our list of recommended options based on your specific financial circumstance and credit standing. Finally, wait for approval to be confirmed. We’ll assess your application and confirm approval in a matter of hours up to a day. If approved, you’ll just need to wait for your pre-activated handset to be delivered so you can enjoy your phone services immediately.