About us

Digital Phones is a reliable and reputable name when it comes to the best deals on bad credit mobile phones available in the UK. With the help of key partners and suppliers in the market, we are able to cater to mobile users with bad credit problems. If you’re having a difficult time snagging a phone contract deal because of your poor credit score, you came to the right place. At Digital Phones, helping you get approved for a phone contract deal fast and without hassles is what we do best. No matter your needs or preference, you can count on us to hook you to a suitable deal you can afford.

At Digital Phones, we offer phone contract deals specific for mobile users with bad credit. Our phone deals are inclusive of your choice of handset and a bundle plan featuring your call, text and data monthly allowances. Phone contracts are available on 12, 24 or 36-month terms. With no credit checks needed, we can promise same day approval for your phone contract application. And while we don’t guarantee 100% approval, we can promise to give you a wide selection of bad credit mobile phone deals where you have high chances of approval. So long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you can expect to get approved within hours.