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Mark Smith 3 years ago
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I've noticed that LinkedIn is awash with forums and networks talking about issues that are related to digital inclusion. I'm a member of several useful groups and hope to find more. For now, I thought it would be good to share some of the articles and discussions that I've looked at recently.

Sorry if the posting looks a bit odd - I sometimes struggle with posting links on this site, having first put them in Word and don't know how to get everything the same font on here.


eInclusion Group

(appears to focus on eAccessibility issues)

Draw and play keep Parkinson’s at bay (Copyright © European Commission 2012)euronews.com - "This is the story of how European patients & researchers have teamed up to fight Parkinson’s disease. Researchers have developed tailor made video games on existing commercial platforms. Games allow Parkinson’s patients to improve balance & overall mobility."


PDF Accessibility Testing with JAWS, NVDA and Window-Eyes (by Priti Rohra/Accessibility Chatter)accessibilitychatter.com - "Accessibility testing of PDF files involves screen reader testing on Microsoft Windows platform to a great extent. Over the years JAWS & Window-Eyes were the two screen readers used for testing PDF documents on Windows platform. However, NVDA has taken giant strides & is being today used extensively for testing web pages & PDF documents for accessibility."


The Freedom Guide (by European Disability Forum (EDF)edf-feph.org - "The Freedom Guide is the one of most important outcome of the EDF top campaign addressing Freedom of movement: the disability movement, experts from NGOs, from the industry & academics have contributed to express how Europe should be accessible. (Contains some content on web accessbility and mobile internet, including a piece from the CEO of Vodafone)


Social media accessibility: where are we today? (by Enis Boudreau)slideshare.net - "Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Love them or hate them, they play a pivotal role in society today. But just how accessible are they?" (Slideshare presentation)


eMarketing Association Network Group – good stuff, but far too many articles to go through and potentially list here!

Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations (again, a case of too much stuff to go through and post here…but just a few useful posts…)

How-to guide on how to custom-design your new Timeline:

11 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Nonprofit Professionalsnonprofitorgs.wordpress.com

What social media techniques have you used that were the most effective to increase membership to your organization. Using Slideshare at http://www.slideshare.netand also using those same slides to produce youtube videos that lead them to more helpful ... more » By Jonathan D Hawkins Jr.


Third and Public Sector Digital Strategies and Social Media Group

NCVO launches 'voluntary sector version of Wikipedia'thirdsector.co.uk

Mark Smith 3 years ago
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As I suspected...it's bunched the first lot of links together for some reason - sorry!


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