Why Choose Bad Credit Mobile Phones?

Majority of mobile users in the UK are hooked to a phone contract deal because of its various advantages. Unfortunately, not everyone can avail one especially those with a poor credit score. When you have bad credit or any history of CCJ or default, your application for a phone contract is likely to get rejected. This is where alternative deals such as bad credit mobile phones offer a solution to your phone contract needs. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy with a bad credit mobile phone:

1. Online availability

If you want a bad credit phone, you won’t have to leave the comforts of home to apply for a phone deal. You just need to go online and you’ll have access to a wide array of phone contract deals to choose from. If approved, the handset will be delivered right on your doorstep and you can use it immediately after activation.

2. Fast processing

Bad credit mobile phones are not only available online but application for such deals are ultra fast to process. In most cases, you just need to meet the basic requirements to get approved. Approval should only be a day or even less.

3. No credit check

One of the chief advantages a bad credit phone deal can offer is the no credit check policy. Because these deals are offered specifically for people with poor credit ratings, there’s no need to worry about bad credit scores when applying for a phone contract. Your application won’t get rejected based only on the merits of your credit rating. So long as you can prove that you have a steady steam of income to handle the monthly payments, you can expect to get approved fast.

4. Credit rating boost

Another advantage worth noting when you apply for a bad credit phone is the opportunity to give your credit rating an extra boost. When you’re approved for a bad credit phone, you’ll be required to pay a monthly fee for 12, 24 or 36 months depending on your contract term. If you can commit to paying your monthly fees on time for the rest of your contract, you should see a significant improvement of your credit rating. For more tips on how to improve your credit score, go to http://www.experian.com/credit-education/improve-credit-score.html.